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I'm pretty pissed off and annoyed today.  I've been having a debate with someone; called her out on using Hindu Mantras in homage to a fictional goddess/Abrahamic succubus (in Abrahamic religions she is a succubus, in a series of novels she is a goddess to a certain culture, hence the use of *fictional*).  You guys know know I dislike labeling things as cultural misappropriation because I think there is a fine line between that and cultural exchange (and I like cultural exchange, and cultural change...I think it's good for us in many ways), but this is just BLATANT cultural/religious misappropriation and white imperial privilege.  I called her on that (extremely respectfully, I even mentioned that I would and have debated Hindus who claim that the Jewish Shiva is in tribute to the Hindu god Shiva), and she called me disrespectful for assuming that she is ignorant of Hinduism because she knows more than most Westerners because she traveled Asia.  What the frak?  Who cares about her travels?  I never said anything about her specifically, just what she and others in the conversation (this was on facebook under an authors status update) were saying.  But oh whoopdie doo, she's traveled Asia so I'm sure she knows ohhhh soooo much.  Traveling Asia doesn't make her an expert, and it certainly doesn't make her an authority on what is or isn't offensive/cultural misappropriation.  If she didn't mean it in that way, that's fine, she could have just said that it wasn't her intention but her attempt to portray herself as some sort of expert because she "traveled" Asia is having the opposite effect.  UGH.
As far as I know, very few people in the media have explained the true significance of the "Libya exchange" from the most recent Presidential debate. President Obama's intention when he said "acts of terror" in the September 12th speech, is actually quite irrelevant. What is relevant is that the President baited Governor Romney (whether intentionally or not is for you to decide) and the Governor fell for it. Governor Romney believed he caught the President in a gaffe, that made him so excited, so emotional, that he forgot the big picture. He was far too caught up in embarrassing his opponent, that he forgot to keep his cool, stick to the "facts" and continue. The series of events illustrated (once again) that the Governor too emotional, too impulsive, and far too caught up in himself for the Presidency (which is hilarious because most people running for the Presidency are caught up in themselves). If it was an intentional move by the President, it was indeed a BRILLIANT bit of politicking by the President.
Maureen Chao:  "I was on a 24-hour train trip from Delhi to Orissa.  But, after 72 hours, the train still did not reach the destination...and my skin became dark and dirty like the Tamilians."  http://youtu.be/-ErwFfIHPTA

Let me just say, I'm not a fan of that woman...I know nothing else about her though, maybe I shouldn't be so rash

One thing, I've heard so many Indians refer to (their own) "dark skin" as dirty, maybe we should stop. Perhaps we shouldn't be so self-hating. Perhaps the Indian media shouldn't inundate us with images of skinny, light skinned, light eyed, light haired, straight haired celebrities, maybe we need to learn to love, respect and have pride in our racial features before we judge others for doing to us what so many of us do to ourselves? Making fun of, teasing ourselves is one thing, but how many of us are serious?

We must "heal" all of our wounds...

The wounds from 9/11 run deep within our culture (in case I'm not clear, I mean US culture), not only did the attack leave thousands of Americans dead, but it changed us. As the years passed, racism, Islamiphobia, Arabophobia and South Asian-iphobia became more and more acceptable; it reached a point that it seemed normal to discriminate and abnormal to realize that citizens are citizens, regardless of how we pray, dress or look. This weekend, two Imams were kicked off of a Delta flight, the pilot refused to fly with them despite the fact that they'd been screened three times (ironically, the Imams were on there way to a conference regarding Islamiphobia). Events such as these make me realize, even in death OBL gets what he wants. If we continue to live in fear, discriminate, we are giving him what he wants: 1. We further tension, 2. We prevent ourselves from healing. True healing, OBL's true defeat would be for us to heal our wounds, would be for us to deny that man his victory. We must treat Amercians as Amercians, regardless of the name they give "God," or whether they believe in "God" or not. After all, we have been "one nation indivisible with liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL" since 1892 and have been "one nation UNDER GOD with liberty and justice for all" ONLY since 1954.


Sheltie puppy...

This guy reminds me of my baby so much!  The coloring is off, but something about his demeanor, his mannerisms just reminds me of Meetu...SIGH...Hopefully he finds a home soon, or already has.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rPw0S4-Y1s
Dear Neena,

Can you believe it?

Discovery Communications -- the parent company of The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC and others, and known for their wildlife-focused programs -- is planning to produce an 8-part TV show on Sarah Palin’s Alaska!

Discovery says it regards Palin as being “one of [Alaska’s] proudest daughters.”

Never mind that the former governor was an unabashed champion of Alaska’s brutal and bloody aerial wolf-slaughter program. According to reports, she’ll earn about $1 million per episode from the nature-focused series.

Act now: Send a powerful message to Discovery Communications expressing your outrage at their action and urging them to drop Sarah Palin’s new show from their programming schedule.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a “reality TV” show that aims to showcase the “powerful beauty of Alaska,” according to Discovery’s TLC website.

But the real Sarah Palin’s Alaska is an ugly reality. As governor for only two-and-a-half years, Sarah Palin escalated a bloody aerial wolf-slaughter campaign that continues to this very day. She even planned to offer a $150 bounty for the severed forelimb of each killed wolf.

Palin also fought against increased protections for endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales and America’s dwindling populations of polar bears

It seems ironic that Sarah Palin will now earn millions hosting a nature show after spending years fighting against Alaska's natural heritage!

Send a message to Discovery Communications -- and let them know that Sarah Palin doesn’t deserve to represent the “powerful beauty of Alaska” in front of millions of people.

It’s surprising that Discovery Communications, parent company of such cable television channels as Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel and TLC -- and known for their stunning wildlife-focused shows -- would chose to embrace such a controversial and anti-wildlife persona as Sarah Palin.

Please join me in calling on Discovery Communications to drop Sarah Palin’s new show.


Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. Please tell Discovery to drop Sarah Palin’s show today. Then forward this email on to at least four friends to help us reach 100,000 signatures!

Writer's Block: Out of fashion

If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

Most of all, I'd like to see and end to the repression, the ridicule of expression...

Figure Skating...

This might be biased because it's Johnny's documentary...I just watched Popstar on Ice...but did Evan really refer to Stephane Lambiel WHO IS IN HIS AGE GROUP, as "the Swiss guy"???  Really???



Dear, dear Johnny.....

I am so very proud of this press conference.  So eloquent, so honest.

I'm just really happy of how calm, collected, honest and understanding he is here.  He's not attacking anyone, he's framing it based on him, and he's not insiting hate.  One of the many reasons I admire him off the rink.